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April 21 -22, 2023 the Piedmont Area Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the MO Mutual UFO Network, will be hosting an event to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the 1973 incident. Join us for a weekend of fun, nostalgia and close encounters as we re-live the events and learn from the experts about what eye witnesses may have really seen back in 1973. 


Schedule of Events 

April 10-21:

Business Alien Decorating Contest Votin


April 14-21:

Alien Scavenger Hunt 


April 18:

CFYC Alien Themed Skate Night 5-7pm


April 21:

UFO Parade 8pm

Pine Hill Drive In: Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Paul

Elm Street Hotel: Special Guest Speaker Mark Rutledge and

Piano Bar - Brandon Bates 7pm 

Diamond Jim's: The Jackalopes 9pm-11pm


April 22: 

Alien Abduction Dash 5K/Fun Run 8am

CFYC: Craft vendors, food vendors, eye witnesses, art exhibit, historical display and more: 10am 

CFYC:Denny Hovis: 1pm

AARP Building: MUFON Guest Speakers 10am 

Elm Street Hotel: Cornhole Tournament 2pm

Elm Street Hotel: David Porter Pottery, Alien Art Winner 5pm, Guest Speaker Denny Hovis 6pm, Music with Mike Henson and Dylan Schrader 7pm

Diamond Jim's: 9 Ball Tournament 2pm, Alien Costume Contest and

Retched Blessings 9pm 

Pine Hill Drive In: Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Paul

Spring Valley Resort: DJ/Music, Food, Alien Games, Alien Invasion Paintball and More (Costumes Encouraged) 6pm

Wally B's: Alien Glow Party



Guest Speakers and Topics: 

Debbie Ziegelmeyer, State Director for Missouri MUFON. Topic: 50th Anniversary of the SE Missouri OZARKS UFO Flap. Find out what happened in Piedmont and surrounding areas beginning in 1973 over a period of several years, and how this made national news and was investigated by Dr. Harley Rutledge, J Allen Hynek, and others.

Margie Kay, Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. Topic: The 70th Anniversary of Buck Nelson's first encounter with spacemen from Venus: and his trip to the Moon, Mars, and Venus. Also, crash landings and close encounters with UFOs in Missouri, including the 1941 UFO crash in Cape Girardeau and others that you never heard of. 


Mel Van Vickle, Chief Investigator for Missouri MUFON. Topic: Still Crazy after 50 Years: Mel will examine the most puzzling cases that were submitted to Missouri MUFON in 2022, and take a look back at the last 50 years of sightings in southeast Missouri.  Mel will also provide some tips for collecting video and/or still images of your future UFO sightings. 


Forest Crawford, researcher, podcaster, and hypnotherapist. Topic: "Just Look Up!"If you live in Missouri and want to see a UFO, just look up. Missouri has always been high on the list of states with the most UFO sightings reported. I will share a number of personal experiences/sightings that have shaped my interest in UFO's. Forest will also discuss some theories and patterns that offer explanations as to why this area has been a hotbed of UFO activity for decades.

Missouri MUFON Meeting: All are invited. Attend this meeting to see what Missouri MUFON is doing to investigate UFO sightings in the Show Me State, and how you can participate. 


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